Wheels and tires change

The original wheels and tires are a nightmare! tires go for 350,- each! Michellin makes them called TRS

i exchanged wheels and tires to modern ages..

the ones that fit come from a Fiat 500 XL

RC-Design RC 32  7x17 ET41 5x98 58.1

dont forget to get 15mm longer bolts! the ones that come with the rims dont fit..



in 2022 i decided to purchase a Citroen CX from 1985

type : CX GTI Turbo II 1985 been stored for nearly 20 years from first owner , last MOT 2000

it was a partial runner , it would start ,but cut out after 5 seconds.

i tried a new fuelpump , tried new fuelpressure regulator , cleaning injectors , checked all cables etc etc.

everything seems to be fine...still starts of first turn 5 seconds and cut out...

Spare parts

i tried to get spare parts and schematics but a 40 year old Bosh system gave me proper headeaches!

after finding out that spare parts costs a fortune, i looked further.

examples of second had parts injector each 175,- ECU 800,- , Massflow 250,- revised one 750,-

cold start injector 250,- i can go on and on. i decised since it will be a daily runner i have to find a reliable solution.

driving a old car can be fun  , but i want it reliable also..

and behold i was not the only one to have these issues! seems facebook and other internet pages where full of them.

there are a lot of old Bosch systems out there with similar problems.

the ones that did solve it with special ECU systems that costs fortunes and those owners are relucatant to tell the solution because basicly they dont want to share info.

i also heard that is is relative easy to get between 170 and 250 HP without alter anything else then a good ecu.

the engine can take it , however the clutch will be its Achilles Heel!


i looked at my Racecar (Saker Sprint with a Subaro Flat 4 turbo) and remembered i had some program issues with the ECU.

after Talking to Karl from Emerald they quickly helped me with the ECU and gave me new firmware cables and help!.



then i thought mmmm why not using a similair ECU in my Citroen?.

so i got in contact with Karl from Emerald , and told him about my Citroen CX Project and  behold! another Citrophile!

Karl owns a Turbo II also! and told me basicly yes it can be done.

he knew about the Timing issues (Citroen CX turbo 1 has a 2 pickups / Turbo II has 1 pickup)

he made new firmware for the K6 to run on the Citroen.

and most of the rebuilds outthere had to change the flywheel pickup , with Emerald you can use the original pickup sensors.


selling your old parts!

there is a big market for older GTI parts , i sold all old wiring , cable looms ecu and injectors for more then 1000 euro,s

that will take care for more then half of your new parts..



Emerald ECU



"Cheap" aftermarktet prices

injectors come of VAG 550ML cheap and reliable 

Lambda to control fuel ratio

Idle valve

Real Throttle position sensor (old bosch one had just idle switch and full open)

the new TPS have a resistor potential gauge.

many parts you can use from other brands since its not ECU and or car related!

 and here is what you need to get your Citroen Going again


ORDERING: https://www.emeraldm3d.com/



when ordering you will need also a few items that are not in the shop!

you will need some small printed parts for the Injectors (so they fit the original fuel rail)

and a few parts for the ignitors , Emerald can print those for you for a fee!.

Ask for them when ordering!


Full Generic wiring loom (harness) for Emerald ECU - 4 cylinder


Emerald K6+ ECU - Pre-configured

Car Make & Model, Engine make & Modelcitroen cx turbo 1 1985 engine m25/622

Emerald ECU to OBD and Serial breakout loom/adapter.

Ordered: 1

Bosch EV14 injectors (550cc/min)


Air Temp Sensor


Relay bundle for Emerald ECU Generic or Flying lead looms


Huco boost control solenoid


Webcon 4-wire IACV (Idle Air Control Valve)

Required connector4-pin Metri-pack connector02-059-02-060£82.15

Honeywell 3.44Bar MAP sensor


3-pin Metri-pak connector for Honeywell map sensor


Pin removing tool for Emerald ECU connector


2-pin Timer boot


2-pin Junior mini timer plug


Colvern TPS fitting kit


Colvern Throttle Position Sensor

Connector3-way Superseal male plug FittingsFittings included 02-048-02-021-02-062

Bracket for Honeywell MAP sensor


Wideband lambda kit



4 x Ignitor coil from a Suzuki GSXR 750-1100

these go for about 80 euros for 4 pieces.

please remember you need also Different spark plugs with different Resistance!


Search google for ignitors 


Below you find many manuals for installing the Emerald to different types of Turbo

i am sure it will work on many GTI versions.

Emerald has most of the parts exept the ignitor coils.

i strongly suggest you purchase all from emerald , they have the knowledge also to get you started.

if you dont understand electrical car manuals , please get someone who can help you.

if you know how to understand them they are very easy..

its almost self explaining how to connect..

but also be PATIENT!