RCSwitch Jeti 10 Ampere

The RC is a wireless switch ON / OFF switch in the Jeti model for specific products (such as Jeti SPS10, DSM 10, Central box and other). It can be connected instead of the standard magnetic switch actuator. Maintenance hatches, an opening of the canopy or external ON / OFF switch on the model are a thing of the past.


Turn your model easily and wirelessly at the transmitter ON or OFF.


Settings and functions are made via the Jeti model DS / DC transmitter, the RC switch is only suitable for this TX series. We recommend for a secure operation  the two-stage safety switch No. 80001540 (DC 16) or No. 80001547 (DC-16).


- fits for SBEC 40, DPS 40, SPS 20, DSM 10, Central Box 200, Central Box 400, Master Switch

- NEW: also for MAX BEC2D PLUS (!)

- not for MAX BEC 2D