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CAF Polyfuse Servo / Power board


Protect your servo or power line with these automatic resettable Polyfuse boards.

this small board is ideal for Servo,s or other consumers.

these can be placed between the Recevier and Servo or user.

in case of a shortcut or overcurrent they will disable the power to it.

it will auto reset after it cools down(miliseconds).

this option is always better then a model that will butn down.

Details see pictures :

0 celcius 8 Amps

80 degrees 4 amps

the 6 gold solder pads are large enought to hold a Header or a servo cable directly.

Package contains :

1 Board incl a soldered polyfuse.

Optional choice :

Board with soldered cable (to receiver)

and a pinnen header for Servo lead