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Auto Balance board Lifepo-Lipo-Li-Ion


Auto Balance board Lifepo-Lipo-Li-Ion


Digitech latest Balance board.

for any Battery type. Life-Po  Lithium Polymer , Lithium Ion

how does it work?

you connect your charger without balance lead .

When the voltage difference between individual cells is above 100 mV the balancer starts to balance the cells by moving charge from the cells (at up to 1.2 Amp) with higher voltage to cells with lower voltage. Normal balancing boards consumes power from the cells with the highest voltages, ours is the "green" version, no power is lost.

The Balancing stops automatically when voltage difference between cells are less than 30 mV.

The static power consumption of the balancer itself, it less than 20uA (low self-discharge of the pack), you can leave the balancer connected at all times.

Length of wires is 30cm (pure copper 22awg wire)!

Balancer can be disconnected and removed easily (balancer is attached using a connector)

LED indication:

 1. When the balance indicator is on, the balancing ciruit is active.
 2. The balance indicator goes out, the balance circuit sleeps, cells are perfectly balanced.
 3. The balance indicator flashes (rapidly), a cell is missing, cell defect, or the circuit is faulty.

Please select the correct Type!

2S or 3S

Package contains :

.Balance board

.Cable incl connector 30CM

Balancer CE Aproval
PDF – 235.4 KB 119 downloads