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SB-Temp is a 8 Channel Temp sensor Box for Duplex.

it supports K and other sensors from -40 up to 1600 degrees (if the correct sensors are bought)

it can be programmed thru the Device Explorer of your TX

Supported ALL DS and DC series.

Size and Weights

LxWxH 41 mmx38 mmx16 mm

Weight 32 Gram.

Box is made from 7076 Alluminium and CNC milled.

Designed by Carsten Groen.


Package contains

1 x SB-temp Main unit

1 x Patchcable

(this unit supports only EX bus !)


SB TEMP BIN files for TX / Goes in Devices folder
Archive – 9,3 KB 247 downloads
SB Temp Lua Beta V 1.01
Archive – 39,7 KB 251 downloads
Sb Temp Manual 1.0 EN
PDF – 389,5 KB 308 downloads
Sb Temp DE anleitung
PDF – 200,4 KB 275 downloads
CE Aproval SB Temp Sensor
PDF – 258,9 KB 231 downloads