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BX120-V4 was developed on the basis of the first BX100 model. It was equipped with Nicasil-coated cylinders and a modified body, and has become a flagship for scale and tow models with a take-off weight of up to 23kg. The BX120-V4 engines impress through their top starting and running characteristics. This drive unit can be optionally equipped with a silencer. This version is advertised as a “whisper drive”. The smallest flat engine can be supplied with or without an electric starter. The add-on parts are red. They can also be ordered in black or blue.


Electric starter
Available with clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.
Stainless steel silencer




Technical specifications:

Displacement: 120cm3
Cylinder bore: 44 mm
Stroke: 38 mm
Weight: approx. 3930g
Weight with ignition system: approx. 4112g
Weight with on-board starter: approx. 4400g
Weight with ignition system and on-board starter: 4582g
RPM range: 900-5500 depending on the propeller
Fuel mixture: 1:50