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Angle & Throw AT Wizard Gen 5 (M5)


Daniel Maiorano,s AT wizard is a Standalone / Bluetooth driven device that can Measure a Angle and or Throw on your surfaces.

Angle & Throw Wizard 5th Gen M5 Stack
. Measure your Throws in MM / inch / degrees
. Bluetooth

.Oled Display
. IOS and Android supported
. rechargeable no cables needed! Build in Lipo cell up to 1 hour
. no Binding needed / instant connection!
. very small! Length 47mm x Width 24mm x High 14mm
. Recharge thru USB C Cable.


. you can use up to  4 units at the same time on Apple IOS

and maximum 2 AT Wizards on your Android.

Many more features planned in the future for this device!



AT Wizard M 5 EN
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