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CG Wizard and angle & Throw Gauge in one.

CG Wizard and angle & Throw Gauge in one.
Sold out

Daniel Maiorano,s CG Wizard and AT Wizard in one!

with this Tool, you can find your existing and find tune your CG without using any other tools or help.

you can also messure the total weight of your model.

and remove the Core unit to use it as a Angle and throw meter!


What is it?


CG Wizard is a extremely easy tool to find your CG on your Model aircraft.

How does it work?


It measures the CG thru Weight scales , just like the Full size aircrafts use.

Is it easy to use? 


YES! Our goal was to make ours very easy to use without to many data to be given into the software, this is called the K.I.S.S principle

Tell me more!

In short :

Step 1 Turn on the device 

Step 2 Start the App (Android or IPhone)

Step 3 Mark your CG position on the underside of aircraft.

Step 4 Put aircraft onto scales.

Step 5 tell the app how far the sensors are apart

Step 6 place the special laser (comes with the CG wizard) under the Manufacturer CG spot.

Step 7 Measure the distance from the laser (red dot on cg) towards the Back of the main Scale and remember this number! Or type this number into the app!

Step 8 Now look on the app where the CG is currently and move your weight around until the number you measured is spot on! (shows on App where it is currently and where it should be).


Whats the Angle & Throw?


The New Pro version is basically a Docking station

the Main unit can be taken out and then acts like a Angle & Throw Gauge to set your throws in: Inches/MM/Degrees!!.

as soon you slide it back in the Docking Station it will change to the CG wizard!


Does it need anything extra like batteries or other tools?


The new 3.0 Pro version has a Build in Li-Ion battery, you can charge it with any usb powersource

Only thing you need is a tape measurement.

This CG Wizard must cost a Fortune!


Nope! We are modelers for modelers we wanted to make a simple tool , that is affordable and cheaper then a Digital high end servo!

Do I need a friend to help me with the CG?

You can invite him for a beer and show him how to find the right CG in 5 minutes!

Manual English : here


Manual French  : here

CG Wizard Pro NEU DE
PDF – 2,1 MB 333 downloads