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Angle & Throw AT Wizard

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Angle & Throw AT Wizard


Daniel Maiorano,s AT wizard is a Bluetooth driven device that can Measure a Angle and or Throw on of of your surfaces.

Angle & Throw Wizard 2.0
. Measure your Throws in MM / inch / degrees
. Bluetooth
. IOS and Android supported
. rechargeable no cables needed! Build in Lipo cell up to 4 hours on time / auto shutt off
. no Binding needed / instant connection!
. very small! Length 40mm x Width 26mm x High 11mm
. Recharge thru mini USB Cable.

. you can use up to  4 units at the same time on APple IOS

and maximum 2 AT Wizards on your Android.


Usage : 
1.turn on device(s) / Start app 
2. Type in your Chord Length.
3. place it on the Hinge line somewhere on the surface that 
needs to be measured.
it will show your throws eather in MM or degrees and inches.

NOTE! if you want to measure anything more then 80 degrees on a Surface for a aircraft , please use a Square cut piece of wood... no need for this tool.




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CG Wizard and angle & Throw Gauge in one.

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Daniel Maiorano,s CG Wizard and AT Wizard in one!

with this Tool, you can find your existing and find tune your CG without using any other tools or help.

you can also messure the total weight of your model.

and remove the Core unit to use it as a Angle and throw meter!