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CG & AT Gauge 3.0

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CG & AT Gauge 3.0


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Digitech Center of Gravity Gauge and Angle and throw

As RC pilots, You are a Gauge away from a better flying experience! Whether for a real full-scale airplane or model aircraft, the center of gravity is the paramount one among all the parameters.

The center of gravity in an incorrect position will result in a lousy control experience and even catastrophic results.

Digitech CG Tool, which professionally measures the weight, the center of gravity for fixed-wing aircrafts with a maximum load of 60kg! come as a solution to RC pilots! The unit consists of three weighing modules, which are wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth. The maximum load for a single module is 20kg.

With the RC Gears app, pilots can get started to measure the real-time measuring data after unboxing.



Accuracy meets craftsmanship


High-hardness aluminum is selected for the case, and strict CNC machining guarantees the stability and reliability that is dust-proof and has strong impact resistance. The top of the weighing module adopts arc shape inspired by the wine glass's bottom, which prevents the wheel from sliding and enables the wheel to be automatically centered. The measurement accuracy is improved!


Whats in the box?

3 x CG Measure tools

3 x AT Throw gauges.

1 x USB C charge cable

1 x Manual

1 x Carry Case Foam / Carbon look

Angle Sensor Manual EN
PDF – 3,4 MB 82 downloads
Center Of Gravity Manual EN
PDF – 4,7 MB 111 downloads

Daniel Maiorano,s AT wizard is a Standalone / Bluetooth driven device that can Measure a Angle and or Throw on your surfaces.

Angle & Throw Wizard 5th Gen M5 Stack
. Measure your Throws in MM / inch / degrees
. Bluetooth

.Oled Display
. IOS and Android supported
. rechargeable no cables needed! Build in Lipo cell up to 1 hour
. no Binding needed / instant connection!
. very small! Length 47mm x Width 24mm x High 14mm
. Recharge thru USB C Cable.


. you can use up to  4 units at the same time on Apple IOS

and maximum 2 AT Wizards on your Android.

Many more features planned in the future for this device!