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Fuel fitting set

€24.99 €19.99

Fuel fitting set

€24.99 €19.99


consists of 5 parts :
2 x G1/8 threaded nipples (6 or 8mm) Please select

6mm is for 6mm OD and 8 for 8MM OD

1 x Part Ring thats glued onto the tank
1 x Part that screws inside the tank.

1 x Key to fasten the parts

1 x Oring seal included!

we recommend using Hysol or Digipoxy to glue it in place.

inside diameter  : 21.3MM

Optional you can also choose Festo with Knurl (compression) fittings.

Click on More info to select

it is possible to use different connections! in and out

LCN-1/8-PK-4 or 6

Earclamp for fuel line one time use

ideal if you dont use Safety wire use these clamps , without cutting into the fuel lines.

select type and size please