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Switch Expander SW4


Switch Expander SW4

The expander SW4 is an extension of the connection possibilities for the magnetic switch actuator with the RC Switch. JETI model produces a set of equipment, which are served by such a switch actuator / RC Switch, the Expander SW4 this switch actuator can also buy several devices are switched simultaneously and with only one switching operation ON / OFF. Since the Expander SW4 also has electrically isolated outputs, a good separation to influencing the RC system gives avoid.

Technical specifications:

Voltage 3.5 to 59 V (up to 15Lixx)
Power consumption in OFF state 60uA @ 63V
Number of switching outputs 4
Temperature range - 20 ° C up to + 85 ° C
Temperature range from 7 g
Dimensions 30x23x13 mm